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The Ultimate Barbecue Cutting Board

The Ultimate Barbecue Cutting Board

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After going through health issues, a pandemic, and moving to our new home the Wiley workshop is back in business. Hard to believe but it has been 3 years. I had to raise the price a little due to the price of hardwoods has gone up. So please read why I designed and made these cutting boards. They are a labor of love.

After many years of barbecuing and teaching others to barbecue (my site is, I ran into three issues with cutting boards. The first is size. If you are barbecuing a couple of full rack of ribs, brisket, or turkey you need at least 16 inches and that is in both width and height. The smaller board just means you have to move your meat to plates so you can have room to carve. The second issue is it needs to fit on a standard kitchen counter (24 inches). If it is bigger than 22 inches then you will have a hard time finding a place to put it in your kitchen. The third issue is meat juice. If it cannot handle a lot of meat juice you are only going to spill the juice all over your deck or patio and if in the kitchen your kitchen counters and floors.

So after much research and design time, I came up with, I believe, the Ultimate Barbecue Cutting Board.

The first is size. It is 17 inches by 17 inches. Large enough to hold a 15-pound brisket, 20-pound turkey, or 4 racks of ribs. The cutting part of the board is 1.35 inches thick and is made from A Grade Hard Maple wood. The board is also up off the counter using rubber feet that keep the board in place when cutting a large piece of meat.

The second is to fit on a kitchen counter. The board can fit on all kitchen counters, even if they have other stuff on the counter. At 17 inches you still have 7 inches for other stuff like can openers, utensil holders, and more. The board also weighs 10 pounds so you do not need to be a bodybuilder to haul your food around.

Last it has a pan reservoir that can hold two cups or a full pint of juice. Also, the pans are disposable for they are the standard weber grease pans you can buy on Amazon for less than a dollar a pan. The pans come in real handy if you want to make gravy using the meat juices. You also can switch pans if you want to cut up a brisket and then carve a turkey by keeping the juices separate. The juice hole can also be used as a handle making it easy to carry the empty cutting board.

The cutting board also has a french cleat. This allows it to be hung on the wall. Using a french cleat the board is always perfectly level and you just lift up to remove.

Each cutting board is handmade by me. The wood alone costs me a little over $60 for this is Grade A Hard Maple. The best wood you can buy for a cutting board. Each piece of wood is handpicked for the cutting surface. It takes me a full day to cut, assemble, sand, and oil just one board. I will also engrave on the bottom of the board "Made for "your name" on "the date it was made". No two cutting boards are the same and my objective is to make you a cutting board that will stay in your family for generations. Makes a fantastic housewarming gift or a gift to that barbecue fanatic that wants to take his or her barbecue to the next level.

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