My next product - 17 inch by 17 inch by 1.75 inch thick Zia Cutting Board

I started the build of my next product. This will be my medium size cutting board. It is not little by any means and I think is the perfect size for anyone that barbecues or wants a permanent one in their kitchen. It will be solid hard maple with a dark walnut inlay. It will be able to handle up to a pint of meat juices with the overflow pan underneath. I came up with this design after using my 30 inch by 23 inch John Boos cutting board. The board is also 2 inches thick and weighs 48 pounds and that is without the 12-pound brisket that sits on top. Also, this board does not have a juice grove. So when I start cutting into the brisket the juices ran all over my deck. This is a time when being too big and heavy actually does not work. So why 17-inch square? Well first reason is counter space. The average kitchen counter space is 24 inches. Then you need to factor that a toaster or blender might be taking up 7 inches of the counter space and you end up with 17 inches of useable space.  Now on to weight. The board needs to be under 20 pounds. Not lite but not going to require a bodybuilder to move it. This board will have the Zia Symbol but I can do any inlay you want.

Now if you want a wider board then you will have to wait for my big board that will be 22 inches wide by 17 inches. Should have that one ready in about two weeks.

If you want a custom size or inlay design please send me a message or comment below.

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