I received my new planer today so I can mill the local juniper wood

It is the DeWalt DW734 and will now allow me to mill the local juniper wood. Here in New Mexico, about 25% of the state is covered with one seed juniper.

The average tree is 400 to 500 years old. I only harvest the dead trees. By removing a dead tree I am freeing an area where a new tree can grow. I am also removing the potential fire hazard. Dead junipers hit by lighting will burn very hot, causing the potential for a range fire killing many trees. A live juniper actually will not burn hot and the fire in most cases stops at that stricken tree. Also, the deadwood is already dry so whatever is made of it does not change.

Furniture made 400 years ago by the Spanish still looks the same as the day they were made. Juniper is pretty hard but not hard enough to be a cutting board so I will be inlaying maple and walnut into the tops of my cutting boards. The three kinds of wood together make not just a good practical cutting board but also a very beautiful piece of functional art that will last generations.

I hope to have my first one up on the site by next week.

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