Wiley Santa Fe - Custom Products Inspired by the Southwest

In Santa Fe, I learn to love barbecue and outdoor dining with family and friends. I then started Learn to BBQ. A YouTube channel, Facebook page and Website. After fours years and 70 plus videos I realized that as barbecue evolved some things did not. Cutting boards are normally too small and do not have the ability to handle the juices that a 15 pound inject brisket can produce. I then designed what I belive is the ultimate cutting board. First it is 22 inches by 16 inches. Large enough to hold a 15 pound brisket. Can handle a pint of juice using a seperate pan that can be remove without disturbing thr meat you are carving. Also light enough that you can carry it from the barbecue to the serving area without have to be a weight lifter. It also is a cutting board that is beautiful enought to hand it on the wall and has a french cleat built in so you can easily do that.

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